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    Default Shaun.White.Snowboarding.Origins.v1.0.iPhone.iPod. Touch

    4f3eo - Shaun.White.Snowboarding.Origins.v1.0.iPhone.iPod. Touch
    Shaun.White.Snowboarding.Origins.v1.0.iPhone.iPod. Touch | 49.65 MB | English

    Ubisoft in collaboration with Advanced Mobile Applications has announced Shaun White Snowboarding Origins for the iPhone. The game exploits both 3D graphics and touch controls, taking players to destinations around the world including Chile, Japan, Spain and the USA. Players can choose from four different characters to snowboard with, each with their own unique control, trick or speed specialties
    Game modes include one freestyle option, and three that make use of a ghost feature. Ghosts are recordings of previous sessions, which can be played against personally or sent to friends for wider competition. Other online features include a leaderboard, and Twitter and Facebook connections which can be used to compare progress.

    Some 50 tricks can be pulled off, including ollies, flips and grabs, with help from a tutorial by White to get players started. Accomplishing certain feats earns achievements and unlockable content, such as real-life snowboarding footage. The iPhone version of Origins is set to release sometime in December, following the launch of a Wii edition.


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