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    newblink I-Phone Games Collection

    2ymgahj - I-Phone Games Collection
    Giant Dump Truck 1.1 iPhone and iPod Touch

    You can drive the Giant DumpTruck fast and safely to the Finish Line in
    each level of Giant DumpTruck racing game. without causing
    much damage to the truck.
    Press FORWARD key to Accelerate
    Press BACKWARD key to Reverse
    Press BALANCE keys to Rotate the truck.

    - unique and smooth gameplay
    - Realistic Physics Engine
    - Addicting Freestyle System
    - Well-looking 2D Graphics
    - Suspension physics is fine-tuned and fully animated
    - Experience bigger sounds on the latest iPhone and
    iPod Touch devices
    1Games Web SiteGiant Dump Truck Support
    What's New in Version 1.1

    - [FIX] 4G/3G Speed Up Physics
    - [FIX] Image
    Have a nice day.



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    2wqss1v - I-Phone Games Collection
    Ninja Chicken 2

    Ninja Chicken 2 is a very enjoyable, addictive game with a highly amusing and original premise and its great for short bursts or to play for ages. Its three game modes and Game Center integration give it longevity and its well done graphics and sound top off the package. Highly recommended! appadvice.com
    Stop thinking! Shoot the pigs!
    The pigs have returned and are now engaging in a full-on direct attack against the Ninja Chicken Clan! This time, the Ninja Chickens have to fend them off with their cannon.

    Two brave ninja chicks have volunteered to face the entire Pig Army. Can they hold their position? Can they save the clan?
    Help the Ninja Chickens!

    - 3 different control types
    - More than 25 different items
    - Numerous types of enemy pigs
    - Endless Mode
    - Leaderboards
    - Achievements
    - Game Center


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    1zn2w5v - I-Phone Games Collection
    Missile Master 1.0 iPhone and iPod Touch

    Check the trailer at: youtube.com/javelinapps ! While the rest of your colleagues in arms are having some R and R in Key Largo, the unthinkable happens. Earth is invaded by aliens, and it's up to you, Sgt. Sixpack, to stop them. Missile Master is not a shoot-em-up game, it's a shoot-em-down.

    All of them. Before they do any real damage. Armed with a sixpack, a tank and a whole lotta missiles, it's all down to attitude and skill. Mano-a-slimo.


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    2z7repz - I-Phone Games Collection
    X Invasion 2: Extreme Combat 1.10 iPhone and iPod Touch

    Over ONE MILLION users have taken on the X Invasion! Come and experience the thrill now!

    Those other flight sim games are fun, but do you find their controls and flight dynamics overly complex? X Invasion 2's arcade style gameplay makes flight simple and intuitive so you can spend more time worrying about the action!
    X Invasion 2: Extreme Combat 1.10 iPhone and iPod Touch
    Hostile aliens have invaded San Francisco, and you are mankind's last line of defense. X Invasion 2 redefines the 3D arcade-style flight combat genre with intense gameplay, epic storyline, and intuitive controls!

    X Invasion 2 allows you to fly freely in true 3D over 10,000 square miles of photorealistic and geographically accurate views of the San Francisco Bay Area.

    X Invasion 2 features 3 modes of play:

    Campaign Mode consists of over 16 unique missions that lead you on an epic journey from rookie flight training, to missions to perfect your flying skills, to unique missions such as aerial rollercoasters, follow the leader, cargo support, bombing runs, and of course culminates with an epic showdown with the Alien Mothership with the fate of Mankind in your hands.

    Arcade Mode. How long can you survive against the onslaught of Alien Invaders? How do your skills compare to others who have taken on the X Invasion? Arcade Mode is all about intense fun… use your weapons wisely, look out for powerups, and watch your back!

    Tour Mode. Ever wished you could take a helicopter tour of the San Francisco Bay Area? To be able to hover over the famous landmarks and take gorgeous photos of the scenery? With Tour Mode, now you can! In Tour Mode, you can relax, explore and discover the beauty of the entire SF Bay Area. And if there is something you find interesting, you can take a picture of it and share it with your friends.

    Not sure if you're ready to take on the challenge? Try 'X Invasion 2: Chapter 1' for FREE - available on the App Store now!

    NOTE: Restart your device after installation to avoid performance or crash issues. Particularly important with 1st and 2nd generation devices.
    What's New in Version 1.10

    1. Updated transition graphics
    2. Allow user the option to play first 8 Campaign Mode missions in any order (instead of sequentially).
    3. Bug fixes
    NOTE: Restart your device after installation to avoid performance or crash issues. Particularly important with 1st and 2nd generation devices.



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