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    Default Repaire all type of Cell Phone at Home

    Repaire all type of Cell Phone at Home

    Cell Phone is a great invention and it has played a major role in communication development.Cell phone also constitute economic development of some developing countries. Cell phone creates employment opportunity CELL PHONE POWER FAILURE If cell phone has power failure the solution to it:1. Check the batery if the batery is still have enough strength to power the cell phone.2.Check the CP 3 Check RAM,ROM,EPROM. CELL PHONE BLUNT SCREEN1.This problem arise when the cell phone is placed on the where heat has contact with cell phone. NO MESSAGE DISPLAY .Remove the casing,unscrew the phone cell and clean the display screen interface on the circut board. NO CONTACT FROM THE KEY PAD. If you press the keys and they are not response or are not giving any response or display anything while the cell phone is still working.Check the tightness of the cell phone and retigh it . CELL PHONE LOSS OF MEMMORY.When the battery is weak or burnt the cell phone can no longer store or retain any imformation.. CELL PHONE NO NETWORK.Check if the cell phone is not customized to one particular network..
    CELL PHONE AND ECONOMYCell phone which is also known as mobile phone is a telephone that does not have wires and works by radio,that can carry you and use anywhere.Cell phones are in different types manufactured by differnt companies.Some cell phones are NOKIA product,while some are SAMSUNG product.Some are also made by semense company,philips,motorola,etc.In many part of the world,Nokia cell phone is the most widely used cell phone.There are cell phones that are no longer in front line such as semense product cell phone and philips.THE IMPACT OF CELL PHONE ON NIGERIAN ECONOMY.Cell phone has contributed largely to growth of Nigerian Economy through1.Provision of employment.A large number of Nigeria citizens have gained employment through the sale of cee phones,repair of cell phone and seting up a business centre.2.Facilitation of business activities.Cell phone helps to sell and buy goods and services with ease.3.The use of Cell phone reduces trafic jams in in the city.There are many advantages of cell phones.So don't worry about its problems.


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