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    yello_new What Happen If Mobile Wet ? ? ?

    Q:What Happen If Mobile Wet??
    A:Below are tips that you should do if your mobile gets wet.

    2.Remove the battery from Mobile as early as possible and also other attachments like memory cards.

    3. Remove your SIM.Keep it in sunlight to dry it out.

    4. Remove as much water as possible and as quickly as possible.For this use absorbent material like towel or tissues

    5. Let the mobile to dry out either in sunlight or air. Don't put the battery in the mobile to see if it works as this may damage the phone with a short circuit.

    6.Leave it in a warm and dry place and let the water evaporate.

    7. Try replacing the battery if all above steps does not work at all.

    If you still not found your mobile working then take it to mobile shop to repair it.
    e5yok - What Happen If Mobile Wet ? ? ?
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    e5yok - What Happen If Mobile Wet ? ? ?

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    Default Re: What Happen If Mobile Wet ? ? ?

    is every one checked this trick?? is this work or not?


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