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    arrowNew 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions

    Common Cell Phone Problems - 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions

    Cell phones have revolutionized the way that people live. Since you can receive calls no matter where you are, you don’t have to stay in your office all day waiting for an important call. You can also keep closer ties to your family. Instead of running through the neighborhood looking for your kids, you just pick up the phone and dial a number.

    kid on cell phone - 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions

    Cell phones offer too many benefits to count, but they also come with some unique problems. Knowing these three common problems with cell phones could help you quickly identify ways to fix your phone, so that you can keep making calls and surfing the Web.

    Problem Number 1: Scratched Screen

    Everyone has experienced a scratch, whether it was on a camera lens, glasses, or worse yet—a cell phone. Sometimes the scratches are minor, and can be ignored; other times, these scratches make daily usage difficult and unpleasant.

    What Are You Gonna Do About It?

    The best solution is prevention. Getting a cover and a clear protective screen can help keep your screen looking new. But what if you already acquired a nasty scrape?

    blackberry curve 8900 mirror screen protector 1 - 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions

    People with insurance can file a claim to replace the screen. Online stores often sell replacement screens for those who didn’t purchase the insurance plan. Others with great wireless plans can ask their retailers for a buffing. There are also screen buffing products for sale online, which if you’re lucky, will quickly polish away the scratch.

    Once your phone is repaired, try to keep it that way! Getting a permanent screen cover is pretty cheap, and definitely worth it.

    Problem Number 2: You Dropped Your Phone in the Water

    It’s easy to make fun of someone who has dropped their phone in water. In fact, it’s almost as easy as dropping your own phone in water.

    wet cell phone - 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions

    Everybody knows that getting a cell phone wet is a bad idea. Despite the fact, we can be careless at times; whether it’s jumping into the pool, dropping it in the toilet, or leaving it outside during a rainstorm. Accidents happen. If you can think of a ridiculous way to soak a phone, then you can feel certain that someone has done it.

    The problem with getting a cell phone wet is that the moisture causes internal parts to corrode. Corroded parts aren’t going to work well for very long, assuming that they work at all.

    What’s the Solution?

    Obviously, the best solution is to keep your phone away from water. Name your phone Gizmo, keep it away from bright lights, and never plug it in after midnight. Follow those rules, and you should be pretty safe. But really, there is a chance that you’re going to get your phone wet at some point in your life, no matter what precautions you take. The important thing is what you do after the phone gets waterlogged.

    First, disconnect the phone’s battery and any other detachable parts. Set them out on a dry surface where they won’t get splashed, dunked, or whatever it is that you’ve done to your poor phone already. Now, just wait a while. Give the pieces a day to dry. You can also wrap the phone and its detachable components in an absorbent towel, or even a bowl of rice, which will absorb the water.

    The key is to make sure that the phone’s internal components are completely dry before you turn the phone back on. Do not, however, use a blow dryer. That will just make the problem worse by pushing the water droplets into the phone’s deeper recesses. Follow these tips and you might be able to save your phone’s life.

    Problem Number 3: My Phone Won’t Turn On!

    broken phone - 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions

    If your phone won’t turn on, then it could be the result of numerous problems. Since you probably don’t know exactly why your phone has gone brain dead, you should try some of the most common solutions.

    In the end, it probably doesn’t really matter why your phone won’t turn on; at least, it won’t matter once you get it to work again.

    • Try the simplest solution first. Your phone's software might have frozen. To restart most phones, you just have to hold down the “on” button for about five seconds. If that doesn’t work, try holding the “off” button. These two tricks will reboot many cell phone models.

    • No response from the reboot trick? Ask yourself this important question: when was the last time that you actually charged the phone’s battery? Maybe the battery is totally dead and you can’t get any response from it. Stop feeling bashful about your mistake. Just plug the phone in, and see what happens. If it’s a drained battery, then it should start responding soon. Just wait for the battery to fully charge before you start making calls.

    • If charging doesn’t help, your battery could be dead. As in absolutely, totally dead. Unless you’re an electrical engineer, you probably can’t do this at home. You’ll need to take your phone to a store to try other batteries. If a replacement gets the phone to work, then you just need a new battery. That’s a pretty cheap fix for a broken phone.

    If none of these fixes work, then take a good look at your phone. Does it weigh more than half a pound? Does it have a long antenna sticking out of it? Do you have to carry the battery separately from the phone? A positive answer to any of these questions means that your phone has died of old age. It’s time to ship that antique to the recycling center.

    old cellphone 1 - 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions


    There are a lot of things that could go wrong with your cell phone, especially if you have the latest model that hasn’t been fully tested in the real world. If you experience any of the above problems, then give these quick fixes a try. If they don’t work, then it’s possible that you need a new phone.
    e5yok - 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions
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    e5yok - 3 Most Common Mobile Problems And Solutions


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