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    new_new Camera Phones And Consumers Tips

    While your new camera phone provides you with the flexibility to make a phone call and instantly take and transmit a photo.

    For this reason, we recommend the following consumer tips and requests that every camera phone users follows them: Camera phone users should always respect the privacy of others.

    1. Users should always respect areas considered private by those who use them, for example: bathrooms, changing rooms, and gym locker rooms.

    2. Users should always respect the sensitivity of many office and industrial environments where the viewing of proprietary materials is a concern.

    3. Users should respect areas of photographic sensitivity, for example: museums, movie theatres and live performances.

    4. Camera phones should not be used to take photos of individuals without their knowledge and consent. Special discretion is advised when using your camera phone to take photos of persons under 18 years of age.

    5. Do not use camera phones, or any cell phones in general, while operating a motor vehicle. It is also illegal to send messages which would be regarded as harassing, menacing or otherwise offensive.

    6. Users should be aware that some organizations ban the use of camera phones in some areas.

    e5yok - Camera Phones And Consumers Tips
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    e5yok - Camera Phones And Consumers Tips

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    Default Re: Camera Phones And Consumers Tips

    hmmm interesting informations ksi ne check b kia ha ya nhi?


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