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    Default Better Than Backup (s60)

    If you have a problem and thinking of backing up your phone memory before formatting then it's of no use, as if after formatting you restore the backup and the corrupted files before formatting will come back again.

    So here is a better way

    1. Backup Contacts - Go in c:\system\data\contacts.cdb and save that file in your MMC or PC. Alternatively you can use the Backup Contacts program, download from the link below.

    2. Bookmarks - Go in c:\system\data\bookmark.db and save that file..

    3. Notepad - Go in c:\system\data\notepad.db and save that file somewhere....

    4. Messages - If u have them on ur phone memory then just save the whole of mail folder

    After formatting paste the backups at the same place as before

    Backup Contacts
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