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    new-3 Use DSL Internet in Nokia s60v5/ nokia 5530,5230,5233 Mobile Phones via Bluetooth

    Asalam Alaikum Xitclub.,.,.,.!
    Jaise k aap ne thread ka title dekha hoga k hum apne computer ka dsl internet nokia/SonyE sysmbian s60v5 OS par use kar sakte hain.,.,.
    is thread se pehle main Nokia s60v2-3 mobiles k liye bhi tutorial share kar chuka hoon
    Chalen g ab start karte hain..,

    NOTE:make sure that you have Java runtime installed
    on your PC.,if not then install it first.
    Here we go....
    1.Instal your bluetooth driver on PC
    2. check your PC bluetooth incoming port
    from bluetooth properties
    3.Now go to Hiisi Proxy directory.
    4.go to Hiisi1.6.3 directory
    5.and go to Pihatonttu folder
    6.right click on Pihatonttu file and
    edit with notepad and replace COM port# with ur pc bluetooth
    incoming com port#.
    7.then right click on Pihatonttu_localhost file and
    edit with notepad and replace COM port# with
    ur pc bluetooth incoming com port#.
    8.Now open Pihatonttu or Pihatonttu_localhost it will say
    Pihatonttu Proxy (2007-07-14) Started,
    it means settings are succesfully configured in PC.

    Now come to the Mobile phone,
    1.Install Hiisi.jar in ur mobile
    2.Go to Connectivity and add an access point named Bt
    3.access point name must be valid
    because hiisi will connect to cellular network
    (dont worry it will not charge you even a single peny;p
    so,better to use ur mms accesspoint name
    because mms access point connects free of cost
    4.then go to Bt connection's advanced settings and
    add Proxy server:
    Port: 1234
    5.Go to web and choose Bt as default access point.
    6.now open Hiisi Proxy application in mobile
    7.popup will appear, choose allow for this session
    8.go to Bluetooth Mode
    9.it will search for your PC bluetooth device name,
    choose your device name
    10.it will show you 4options, just choose the first one.
    11.It will say: Hiisi Proxy {Bluetooth Mode} is idling,
    now minimize hiisi proxy app.
    and your are ready to use your
    PC dsl internet on ur Mobile.....

    Aur ye raha youtube par video tutorial <-- Click me

    Hiisi Proxy With tutorial text file..

    I hope you will like my effort, if you get any trouble using
    hiisi, just pm/Reply me.


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