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    yello_new Repair Dead Mobile Trick

    How to Repair a Dead Mobile Phone :

    If the mobile phone does not switch on, it is called a dead mobile.
    It can be due to many reasons
    1. Water damage
    2. Fall down
    3. Not used for a long time ( Mostly battery is down)

    (1) Check the Battery. It should show 3.7 volts or as written on the battery.

    (2) Check the Battery Connector
    Check two things (a) Voltage coming or not (b) shorting

    Note : If there is shorting then clean the circuit in ultrasonic cleaner (Remove display, camera, etc before putting it in ultrasonic cleaner )

    Clean the circuit with a soft brush and make it dry with a hair dryer or blower.

    If the shorting does'nt go it may be due to shorting in an ic,capaicitor or circuit. if shorting is in ic u can check it by attaching a battery then press the on-off switch keep the battery for 10-15 seconds.

    After that remove the battery and check which ic bacomes hot. Reball or replace that ic. If shorting is in circuit it must be removed by ultrasonic cleaner
    Note - The circuit is made of three layers. if there is shorting in the middle layer it cannot be removed

    (3) Check the On/Off switch & voltage at on-off switch

    Note - Connect a charger. If charging is shown on display then the problem is with the on/off switch or software problem

    (4) Try flashing the mobile.

    (5) If flashing cannot be done then there is hardware fault we first dry solder the Flash IC & RAM IC and check in the Software.

    If flashing cannot be done then we dry solder/reball/replace flash ic & RAM ic.After that dry solder/reball/replace Power IC, Network IC, Crystal, CPU
    e5yok - Repair Dead Mobile Trick
    I Can't Stop Think About You

    e5yok - Repair Dead Mobile Trick

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    Default Re: Repair Dead Mobile Trick

    Great post, But I consider to contact with some knowledgeable person because It'll be profitable both Technician & Mobile owner. So now It's all depends upon us.

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    Default Re: Repair Dead Mobile Trick

    Good Tips.. But should i try this ? is it safe for mobile ??


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