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    new-3 UAdvance

    UAdvance provides you the facility to be able to receive an advance balance in order to make an important call if and when you run out of credit.
    corner top left form - UAdvance dot - UAdvance corner top right form - UAdvance
    dot - UAdvance
    Simply Dial *456# from your Ufone and get Rs.15/ - advance balance
    dot - UAdvance
    corner bottom left form - UAdvance dot - UAdvance corner bottom right form - UAdvance
    UAdvance on Key Press “1”:
    In addition to accessing UAdvance through *456#, UAdvance eligible users will now be able to get UAdvance instantly during an outgoing call, by pressing “1” if they do not have sufficient balance in their account. Following UAdvance options are available to Ufone subscribers:
    1st Level UAdvance:
    1st Level UAdvance amount of Rs 15 is available to all Ufone subscribers. For any user whose account balance drops below Rs 5+T can avail this option.
    2nd Level UAdvance:
    All users who are active on the network for more than 180 days i.e. have used their Ufone number for outgoing calls or SMS, will be able to enjoy second level of UAdvance. That is, after availing Rs 15 UAdvance of 1st level, users will again be able to access second level of UAdvance of Rs 15 before recharging their account.
    Service Charges:
    Service charge for each level of UAdvance is Rs.1.50 paisas plus tax. If any customer avails two level of UAdvance, they will have to pay cumulative service charge of Rs 3 plus tax upon return of both levels. If any single level UAdvance is returned, customer will only be charged Rs.1.50+T.
    Recharge Amount to return 1 level
    [Loan Amount+ (Service Charges +Tax)]
    Rs.15+Rs.1.5+Rs.0.29 = Rs.16.79
    Recharge Amount to return 2 levels
    [Loan Amount+ (Service Charges +Tax)] + [Loan Amount+ (Service Charges +Tax)]
    (Rs.15+Rs.1.5+Rs.0.29) + (Rs.15+Rs.1.5+Rs.0.29) = Rs.33.58


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