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    Default Samsung U600 codes

    *#0228# This code will allow you to check the battery status of your Mobile by pushing down 2 times!
    *#1234# This code will allow you to check your firmware version!
    *#4777*8665# This code brings you in a special menu where you can detach your gprs to improve your battery life!
    *#0842# This code will test the vibration function of your mobile
    *#9998*4678255# This code will allow you to install java games on your U600 mobile

    Battery life
    # It???s well know that the battery life of the Samsung U600 isn???t great. Here is a little trick that helps to improve the battery life.
    Use it only when you don???t use gprs!

    When you slide your phone up, enter this code: *#4777*8665#
    This will appear on the screen like this: *#4777*

    Then, a secret menu will show up. Go to the option GPRS Detach and click it. Next you will have to wait some time (eg 5 seconds)
    and get the message: GPRS Detach cofirm

    That???s all! Your stand-by time has increased with 20% now!
    # I also advice you to drain the battery completely before charging the first 3 times you charge. There???s no real proof that this wil improve your battery life but there are rumours.
    # Another option is to buy a better battery, the standard battery had only 690mAH while this battery provides 1000mAh so it will increase the stand by time +- 30%
    # Yet anoter thing you can do is set the display brightness to the minimum, so the screen will consume less energy
    # Don???t leave bluetooth activated, it???s very power consuming!

    Little Tricks

    Here are some little tricks, I think they are not known by everybody:
    # Flashlight: When you slide up your phone try pushing the up/down button at the side for about 1-2 seconds, this will activated the led light normally used for the camera. Now you can find your way in the dark :-)
    # When the mp3 player is minimized, you can control him by using your navigation buttons in the main screen.

    Long hold the right navigation butten will bring up the next track in your playlist

    Long hold the down navigation button will stop the mp3 player

    Long hold the left navigation button will bring up the previous track in your playlist

    Long hold the center navigation button (the I (internet)) button will pauze the track

    Known firmware bugs
    Mp3 player doesn???t play the last 3 seconds of a mp3 file
    The alarm doesn???t work in silent mode
    While typing a message when mp3 player is on, the Add word function doesn???t work properly.
    When receiving a file via bluetooth, there is no option to store it to the memory card so the size is limited to the phone memory
    When there are movies in the my video???s section of the phone memory and you try to play a movie full screen from your memory card, the phone just switches to camera mode. Very strange!

    These bugs are present in firmware:U600XXGD2
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