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Thread: For moms

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    newblink For moms

    She was there at the beginning
    When the world was new to you -
    She was there to turn to happy times
    Those when, you were hurt or blue.

    She was there to listen to your thoughts
    And when you asked, to give advice -
    She was there to tell you, "Those don't match!"
    Or, "Hon, you sure look nice."

    She was there with you at nighttime
    To help you say your prayers _
    She was there to tell you, "It's alright."
    When you had a dream that scares.

    She was there at morning time
    To get you up and out of bed -
    She was there when you didn't feel good (or did)
    To say, "You'd best stay home, instead."

    She was there when you were hungry
    And when you had those dirty clothes -
    She was there when you needed her
    (How she knew? Only heaven knows.)

    She was there at the beginning
    And she'll be there your whole life through -
    She'll be there in your mind and heart
    Just like a mother is supposed to do.

    ioqdl1 - For moms


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