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    Default [Lecture 4] Creating A Form in MS Access


    At the main database window click the forms tab and select ‘New’

    Attachment 4064

    Attachment 4065

    There are various options here. The form wizard option will create a quick, simple
    looking form. However it is better to become familiar with form design yourself and
    you will gain a better understanding if you select ‘Design View’.

    We need to bind the form to a data source. Remember the table we created earlier
    called ‘tblCustomers’ – this is what we will use as our data source.
    Attachment 4066

    Select the data source from the dropdown box and then click the ‘ok’ button.

    You will see a blank form has been created and also a list of fields from the table
    ‘tblCustomer’ is shown.

    Attachment 4067

    If you don’t see the fields you can select them from the menu bar by selecting ‘View’
    and then ‘Field List’.

    Attachment 4068

    Now we are going to add a field to the form.

    To do this click on a field and while holding the mouse down on it, drag it to the form.
    Release the mouse button and you will see your field on the form.

    Attachment 4069

    If you want to add all the fields at once to the form simply double title at the top of the
    field list.

    Attachment 4070

    The field list will then become highlighted.

    While these fields are highlighted hold your mouse down on any field and drag it over
    to the form. Release the mouse button and you will see all the fields on the form.
    Attachment 4071

    Run this form to check out how it looks. To do this go to the ‘View’ menu and select
    ‘Form View’

    Attachment 4074

    Try entering some data here

    Attachment 4073

    You will notice the web address turns blue to show it is a hyperlink. The data type we
    selected automatically handles this. This form is not the greatest design in the world
    and we can work on it to make it look better. If you notice the field names have their
    labels as one word. For example ‘FirstName’. This is due to how we entered it in the
    original table data source. We can change the display of the label on the form and it
    won’t in any way affect the table.

    Lets now go back and make some alterations to the form. From the menu at the top
    select the ‘View’ option and then select the option ‘Design View’.

    Attachment 4075

    We are now back at the design view of our form.

    Right click on the label ‘FirstName’ and select the properties option.

    Attachment 4076

    You will now see a list of properties
    Attachment 4077
    We can sort out that problem of having the first name label as one word by adding a
    space between the words. At the caption property click on FirstName and add a
    space so it looks like the following:

    Attachment 4078

    If you now click back on the form you will notice that the label now says ‘First Name’
    as opposed to what we had before ‘FirstName’.

    This is much clearer and can be repeated for other form fields.

    Attachment 4079

    Attachment 4080

    Attachment 4081

    However, the label names are now hard to see so we should change them to a
    lighter color.

    Move the mouse just above ‘Customer ID’ and click and hold. Now drag your mouse
    cursor so that you form a rectangle around the labels.

    Attachment 4082

    Attachment 4083

    Now just move your mouse over the labels (do not press any mouse buttons at this
    stage). You will see your mouse pointer turns into a hand when you hover over the
    labels. At this point you should right click and bring up the properties window.

    Click the button next to the fore color property so that it brings up the color selector
    box again.

    Attachment 4084

    Attachment 4085

    Click ok and all the text in the labels you selected will have now turned white.

    We have now changed the background color of the form as well as the color of label
    text. You can of course change the color of individual labels by clicking on each one
    and selecting properties and then fore color.

    Attachment 4086

    I am calling it frmCustomers. Notice the prefix for forms ‘frm’.

    Attachment 4087

    Click ok and you will now have a single form and a table in your database.
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