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    Default MS Word Class Lecture # 3 By Shadab

    Concept behind the Copy and Paste

    To copy text, graphic, or other items to the Clipboard
    Select the item you wish to copy to the Clipboard.
    From the Edit menu, click Copy.
    Note: The item here can be highlight text, select a graphic, etc.

    To copy multiple items to the Clipboard
    To copy multiple items, simply select each item and copy it to the Clipboard.
    Note: Microsoft Office 2003 allows you to copy 24 items to the clipboard at once.

    To cut selected items from a document
    Select the items that you want to cut.
    From the Edit menu, click Cut.

    To paste data from the Clipboard
    Select the data/item you wish to Cut or Copy.
    Use the Cut or Copy command to place the data in the clipboard.
    Then locate the insertion point at a different location within your current document (or indeed in a different document, or even a different Windows program).
    From the Edit menu, click Paste.

    To paste multiple items from the Clipboard
    If the Clipboard toolbar is not displayed, then you can display it by clicking on View menu, point to Toolbars and click on Clipboard.
    Icons on this toolbar include Copy, Paste All and Clear Clipboard.
    To paste an item simply click on the appropriate icon on the Clipboard toolbar.
    To paste multiple items, just click on the multiple icons located on the Clipboard toolbar.


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