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    Default Contact Guide

    * All types of operations with contacts: Call, SMS, MMS, send e-mail,
    opening web browser
    * Quick search of the required contact
    * Language independent search
    * Advanced Global search of the contact by any symbols from the personal information
    * Tabs in the detailed contact list
    * Support full-screen photos
    * Support thumbnails
    * Opportunity to select personal info to be shown
    * Personal info is shown entirely
    * Setting preffered number
    * Backup/restore the contacts
    * Get contacts database info
    * Compress the base of contacts
    * The opportunity of reading and editing notes
    * Send the category of contacts or single contact
    * Create a new contact in certain category
    * Sort contacts
    * Zoom
    * Show/hide company name
    * Customize colors
    * Page/line scrolling


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