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    new_new Status Of Memory - Beautiful App

    Status Of Memory
    Status of Memory - Status Of Memory - Beautiful App What is Memory Status?
    Programmed by OffScreen Technologies, Memory Status Touch is a lightweight and simple application that, for all intensive purposes, checks the memory status of your phone and the external card installed in your phone.
    When you launch the Memory Status application, the screen projects two capsule-like shapes with reflection effects similar to the Mac OSX interface. The first capsule indicates the Phone’s internal memory while the second capsule is the Memory Card. Beside the text descriptions is the size of the indicated memory slot.
    You will notice the bar filling up giving you a graphical representation of the memory. At the bottom of every capsule, the application will display the eaten memory and how much more space is available to consume.
    At the upper left corner, you will see a big “I” which will pop the “About Us” window. At the upper right corner, you will see a big “X” which obviously ends the application.

    Status of Memory.zip

    e5yok - Status Of Memory - Beautiful App
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    e5yok - Status Of Memory - Beautiful App


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