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    new_new Twitter Client

    Twitter Client
    twitter client - Twitter Client Tweet is a twitter client for mobile phones. Simplest and the most cleanest twitter client available in the market. Our motto is to make this client free and best one, hopefully soon with your support.
    Key features:
    · All standard functionality: timeline, @mentions, DMs, favorites, following/followers, follow/unfollow, profiles… and of course tweeting!
    · Simple, no-nonsense interface. Up/Down/Click and using a menu is all you need to know.
    · Quick Reply / Retweet / Favorite in each tweet
    · Trending Topics / Saved searches support
    · Multiple-account support.
    · Twitpic support: you’ll see the picture without having to navigate over there
    · Camera support! Take a snapshot from the tweeting form itself and have it automatically uploaded to Twitpic. Great to share where you are in a moment.
    · Pretty good support for touch-screen phones
    · Support for QWERTY keyboard phones


    e5yok - Twitter Client
    I Can't Stop Think About You

    e5yok - Twitter Client


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