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Thread: Hair Oils

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    new-3 Hair Oils

    Hair oils are having a moment. The equivalent of Bb creams but for your hair, they’re the multi-tasking must-have that’s going to transform your hair from dull and drab to sexy and fab – we promise! It’s why celebrities like Charlize Theron and Rachel Bilson rave about them and every session stylist reaches for them between shows backstage at Fashion Week. A great product for summer when your hair is at high risk of getting frazzled on the beach or tangled and knotty at festivals, simply smooth on a hair oil and ta-dah, you’ll get smoother, sleeker hair in seconds!

    How to use hair oils?
    The best thing about hair oils is that they’re suitable for every hair type so whether you have frizzy hair, fine hair, dry and damaged hair from too much dye or afro hair, you can reap the rewards of these glistening oils. You can also use them on wet or dry hair making them super versatile – the only golden rule to remember is that a little hair oil goes a long way so stick to using them on the mid-lengths and ends. “It’s where the hair is driest and the natural oils don’t often reach”, explains resident X Factor hairdresser and Matrix ambassador, Jamie Stevens. On wet hair
    “They’re incredible for speeding up a blow-dry as the oil reacts with the heat to repel the water from the hair quicker, so they are time-saving too,” continues Jamie.
    If you have fine hair, just shampoo your hair and use an oil as a leave-in conditioner – it won’t weigh your hair down as much.
    Use it pre blow-dry to detangle and strengthen your hair. The oil traps the active ingredients inside the hair fibre and keeps it lying flat so you’re less likely to get frizz forming.
    Slather it on before you hit the beach – by coating your hair in the oils you’ll be saved from breakage caused by sun, salt water and chlorine.
    On dry hair.
    Pop it on overnight as an intensive conditioning treatment then wash it out in the morning – you’ll notice a difference immediately. Massage it into your scalp for even better results.
    Smooth it through your hair as a finishing product to control flyaways and frizz from heated tools and humidity and give your hair incredible shine.
    Run it through your hair before you use tongs or rollers to protect your hair from damaging effects of the heat and give you a bouncy Hollywood finish.
    What’s the oil in hair oil?
    The wonder ingredient in most hair oils is Argan oil, led by the cult product, Moroccanoil, that kick-started the craze in 2009; but since then everything from Moringa to Marula oil has been used. If you’re wondering what the difference is, there isn’t much, apart from the source of oil. The one common factor is that they’re all derived from nuts and plants that survive in extreme conditions – perfect when your hair is tackling everything from heated tools to holiday climates.

    Most oils are also infused with fatty acids, omega-3, vitamins and antioxidants that all nourish and protect your hair and scalp, reversing damage and brittleness and leaving hair super silky and baby soft.


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