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    new_new Unlock Samsung SGH-500,600,800,810,2100,2200 Mobiles

    unlock2Bsamsung2Bmobiles - Unlock Samsung SGH-500,600,800,810,2100,2200 Mobiles
    Now you can unlock any Samsung Mobile Phone with SanTel 1.01.This application can be used to unlock all the SGH series mobile phones of samsung that are old models.SanTel 01.01 software unlocks the following models…


    1) Download the application and Open it.

    2) After Opening it Connect your phone through data cable and select the model you want to unlock from the list..

    3) After the phone is detected in the application. Just click on Com 1 to select the port..

    4) If your phone is not detected in Com1 then press on Com2.

    5) Now Click on Sec.Code to erase the old code in the phone.

    6) After that process is completed. Now click on Unlock.

    7) Unlock will unlock the code and verify that new code is overwritten and then restarts the phone.

    8) After that restart the phone and your phone will be unlocked
    e5yok - Unlock Samsung SGH-500,600,800,810,2100,2200 Mobiles
    I Can't Stop Think About You

    e5yok - Unlock Samsung SGH-500,600,800,810,2100,2200 Mobiles


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