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    Girls Vs Boys SmS Collection

    Why do Girls eat Chocolates after a break up?
    The Sweetness of chocolates makes them forget
    the Bitterness of the break up.
    Why do Guys drink after break up?
    The bitterness of alcohal makes them
    forget the Sweetness of the girl….

    Boy: agar me mar gaya to kiya tm dosri shadi kerogi?
    Girl: nai me apni BEHAN k 7 reh longi
    Girl: agar me mar gayi to?
    Boy: Me b tumari BEHAN ke sath rahlonga

    A girl was thirsty.
    She saw an ALA-DIN Chairagh beside her
    She touched & ordered jin k meri pyas bhujao
    JIN: “PEPSI wali ua IMRAN HASHMI wali”?

    BOY: chalo kisi sunsan jaga par ghomney chalen !!!
    Girl . Tum asey wesey harket to nahen karogay?
    Boy . Nahi
    Girl. Phir rahnedo kiya faida !

    You Know Why
    The Speling Of Women Starts With W?
    Because All Quetions In The World Start With W!
    Such As

    If a boy gives a love letter 2 a gal, people call him “Loffer”
    But if a gal gives a letter 2 a boy, they call it “Offer”.
    Feel the difference;)

    Boy n Girl in a HOTEL
    .. Boy: I Love U
    .. Girl: I dont Love U
    .. Boy: Think again?
    .. Girl: I told u No
    .. Boy: Waiter,Bring seperate bills for us. Girl : i Love u 2

    Love Is Second Mistake Created By GOD!!!
    Of Course Girls Are First!!!
    But The Fact Is That Both Are Beautiful Mistakes..!;)


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