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    Reply Me SMS

    Jo Aapko Sab Se Ziyada Acha Lagta Hai Us k Naam ka Last Alphabet Likh Kar bhejein.
    Then I will Tell u, Uski Feelings Aapke liye kia hain?
    Its very Interesting. Reply.
    A-Realy loves u
    B-Likes U
    C-Vry caring About U
    D-Very possesive abt u
    E-Big enemy of U
    F-Always pray 4 U
    G-Vry rude
    H-only flirt wid u.
    I-Hates U
    J-Wants 2 kil u
    K-vry sincrd
    L-Like u but not showing
    M-never wana loose u
    N-cant live widout u
    O-angry wid u
    P-just wants u
    Q-ignores u
    R-realy lov u n want u 2 mary
    S-waiting 4u
    T-Passing time
    U-Want 2 propose u
    V-Very respect u
    W-Never want 2 Gladen u
    X-Very emostionl abt u
    Y-alwys mis u
    Z-See monkey in u


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