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    Default Video Spin Blaster Review – Mass Video Creator

    Video Spin Blaster 300x175 - Video Spin Blaster Review – Mass Video Creator
    click here to visit red - Video Spin Blaster Review – Mass Video Creator

    Tired of waiting 20 minutes to render a simple video?
    Uploading is slow because your video is to large in file?
    You are in luck because Video Spin Blaster will create stunning 10 minutes (or more) HD Videos in less than 3 seconds. And even better, the final video size can be as low as 300 KB!
    All you have to do is select some graphics elements, select the number of videos you want to obtain and press generate. Video Spin Blaster will create hundreds of 100% unique videos from your image files.
    But that’s not all, you also have the possibility to add audio files (either MP3 or WAV) or even watermark images to your newly generated videos.
    Video Spin Blaster is simply a powerful video creator, and on top of that, it’s a great video spinner. If you want to upload the same video file to video directories like YouTube, Video Spin Blaster will spin your video and make it unique.
    Here are the main features of Video Spin Blaster:

    1. Generate mass videos from local image
    2. Download images from external links and use them in your project
    3. Replace audio of new videos or existing videos files. Existing video files will become 100% unique by using this feature
    4. Add watermark to new videos or existing videos. Existing video files will become 100% unique by using this feature
    5. Select custom video size or select one of 4 per-defined video sizes
    6. Auto-save system so you don’t have to worry to save your projects manually
    7. Spin existing video (make it unique for video websites like YouTube by using a complex algorithm)
    8. Very small file size
    9. Very fast video processing (10 minute video HD in about 4 seconds)
    10. Multiple project (campaigns) support
    11. Auto-resize images to fit the video size
    12. Select custom intro/final image for your videos
    13. Select how much you want a single image to be displayed
    14. Randomize images in final videos

    This Video Spin Blaster software is updated continuously to add new features and make improvements. In less than 15 days, 5 updates have been done.
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    Thanks 4 SharinG with us

    2lmw0nt - Video Spin Blaster Review – Mass Video Creator
    x4hv7a - Video Spin Blaster Review – Mass Video Creator


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