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    Default Essential HD Camcorder Software: Aunsoft Final Mate Review

    Review For Aunsoft Final Mate : Best HD Camcorder Software

    Publisher: Aunsoft Final Mate
    Aunsoft Final Mate - Essential HD Camcorder Software: Aunsoft Final Mate Review
    Aunsoft Final Mate is a HD camcorder software designed for camcorder owners no matter of Panasonic, Sony, Canon, JVC and other brands. This HD camcorder software offers the ultimate solution to capture camcorder footages directly, edit MTS/M2TS video files and convert them to any video format you desire for any device. Now let’s have a close look at Aunsoft Final Mate and know what magic functions this software brings and how it works:
    Once you launch this Aunsoft Final Mate program and the following clear interface close to Windows Movie Maker will be presented to you:
    Aunsoft Final Mate Review - Essential HD Camcorder Software: Aunsoft Final Mate Review
    Simple Interface and Useful Editing Options of Aunsoft Final Mate

    Connect to your camcorder to computer and Aunsoft Final Mate can detect your camcorder automatically and next step is to click “Camcorder” and choose files you would like to edit or convert from camcorder for importing. Once files are imported completely, you will see videos laid in the timeline below. No doubt, this timeline is video editing people favorite for its accuracy and convenience. There you are allowed to exactly split clips into separated segments with its Goto function, crop out unwanted parts, adjust video brightness or saturation and de-interlace interlacing images.
    I have no choice but say that its intuitive interface is the best gift for fast-editing-preferred users because users have no need to look around de-interlace filter, audio adjuster and color corrector. This streamline-oriented feature is really a lure to movie making or editing lovers.
    How to merge recording clips without re-encoding and any quality loss may puzzle many camcorder users. As one highlight of Aunsoft Final Mate, to combine clips into one, what you should do is put video clips into one movie and choose “Lossless Output”. One big video will be ready with retaining its original video format and video quality.
    Aunsoft Final Mate: Exporting for Devices or Editor

    After editing is completed, you will export this files for either player or more professional editors For this purpose, Aunsoft Final Mate offers user-friendly exporting video formats listed as “Lossless output”, “Export into Device”, “Export into Editor” and “Common Formats”. These four options cover almost all video formats users desire, like H.264 for iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, WMV for Windows Movie Maker and most commonly used AVI and MPEG.
    Aunsoft Final Mate Review 2 - Essential HD Camcorder Software: Aunsoft Final Mate Review
    Is your computer equipped with CUAD or Intel decoder? If so, you are lucky to enjoy the extreme speed of this software thanks to its front-edged CUDA and Intel accelerating technology.
    Summary Of Aunsoft Final Mate:

    It is hard to beat the most professional editing software, but it is indeed a nice choice for either newbie or accomplished prosumers. Having similar interface with Windows Movie Makers, but Aunsoft Final Mate brings a breaking point of having perfect performance in camcorder AVCHD files.

    1. Download Aunsoft Final Mate Software Free Trial Here:

    1. Download Aunsoft Final Mate Software Full Version Here:
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    arrowNew Tanbee AVCHD Converter - Convert camcorder AVCHD video files

    nice for sharing, thank you.

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    Thanks 4 SharinG with us

    2lmw0nt - Essential HD Camcorder Software: Aunsoft Final Mate Review
    x4hv7a - Essential HD Camcorder Software: Aunsoft Final Mate Review


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