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    Default SpeedKing Review – The Best Loft Manager For Racing Pigeons

    Review For SpeedKing: The Best Loft Manager For Racing Pigeons

    Speedking is a computer program, running on any WINDOWS platform, design specially for racing pigeons. This program let you keep track of all the breeding stock and their children. Keep records of the daily training flights and also with the weekends racing results. A point is given to each returning pigeon from a flight, on timing basis, which matches this back to the parents, thus accumulate points on the stud tree. SpeedKing can line-up the net entries for the forthcoming racing events.
    SpeedKing has the following advance features :

    1. SpeedKing has an auto download facility for loading the race or training results from your e-clock to your PC. No manual load. You just need the cables from the different type e-clocks.
    2. Treatment Schedule program. Treatment per loft. I have loaded a program as an example from a good fancier. Add your own treatment and see the display on the calendar, month view and week planners. Different colors to make is easy viewing.
    3. Healthcare per pigeon. Keep a diary on the health care for your pigeons. You can display with different colors on the calendar, month and week viewers.
    4. Yellow tag notes. Keep just simple notes of anything or something, somebody told you. Keep yellow tags on the seeding and mixes on food.
    5. Race program and schedule pigeons against each race, by manual entering OR by AUTO select and the computer will determine which to select. The race program is pre-loaded with a simple race program. I have loaded only the OPEN races. YB is difficult as no yearling have a result yet.
    6. Stud tree on each pigeon. Build your tree up to the Grand-Grand parents. Two photos on a tree. One photo on the pigeon and the other on the eye, or both on the pigeon and a all new print-out.
    7. Basketing report. Print the entries before-hand.
    8. Average report, on the liberation points you selected.
    9. Weighted factor on the points system.
    10. See the graph displays on, races and training.
    11. See the Pie Chart on the stud tree performances.
    12. And many more…

    Visit SpeedKing Official Site Here:
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