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    Keyword Catcher - Keyword Catcher

    Keyword Catcher is a tool that will be extremely useful for a website owner who wants to keep a record of the keywords visitors used to find his website.
    This data is hidden in the traffic that takes place between servers and Keyword Catcher extracts it from the data stream to save it to a SQL data base on the websites’ server so that the owner can read it and use it to his advantage.
    Keyword Catcher will allow a website owner to see in real time:
    1) The keyword that the visitor used and the page of his website that the visitor landed on:
    a) The website owner now has the exact search term used.
    b) The website owner knows to which website page the search engine sent the visitor.
    c) The website owner knows if the keyword and the page are a good match.
    d) The website owner knows which keyword to use to find other keywords.
    2) The Search Engine Result Page that was shown the user before he clicked on the link that led to the web page:
    a) The website owner knows which sites rank higher for the keyword that was used.
    b) The website owner knows which site is competing for his keyword.
    c) The website owner can find out why they rank higher.
    d) The website owner can take corrective measures to improve his own page rank.
    3) Keyword Catcher also shows which referring website sent a visitor:
    a) The website owner knows which website sent him a visitor
    b) The website owner knows which page of his website a referrer is telling their visitors about
    c) This gives the website owner an indication on how to replicate the same process for other search terms
    d) This puts the website owner in a position to create better and more effective back links.
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    Download Keyword Catcher Software Full Version Here:
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