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    Eagle Editor - Eagle Editor
    Eagle Editor is a browser based application that allow visitors to edit HTML styled content online. It has a office typed interface and could be operated only by clicking mouse.
    The Eagle Editor has more than sixty functionalities, which including some powerful functionalities such as code formating, colorful table styles, immigration modified styles, inserting art words and even attaching event to components. Some of the functionalities are unique for Eagle, and couldn’t be found in other editors like FCK editor. The following are some discription for some functionalities:
    . Code formating: copy and paste unorgnized code like java, javascript, html, css, etc, and the system could format the code to clean and readable content.
    . Colorful table styles: some colorful and popular table styles, and match them to fit the table component you are editing. You could find the prototype of this one in word 2007.
    . Immigration modified styles: allow user to save a edited style, and then use it on other components. For example, user could save the border style for a DIV, and then use it on a TABLE. This function is very useful and can make your work faster and accurater.
    . Inserting art words: insert art words to your pane. You could find the prototype of this one in office word.
    . Attaching event: user could add functions coded in Javascript, and attach it as an event of a component.
    The whole editor is fit on any popular js framework such as JQuery, Prototype, Ext etc. It has been tested under IE and Firefox.
    If you want to have a HTML editor in your web site or you want to have a efficient tool to submit your maintenance data to your web, Eagle Editor is a good choice.

    Download Eagle Editor Software Full Version Here:

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