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    Default Sekeyranker Review – New Wordpress plugin Auto Tracks Your Keywords Rankings In The Search Engines

    Sekeyranker Review 300x250 - Sekeyranker Review – New Wordpress plugin Auto Tracks Your Keywords Rankings In The Search Engines

    What is SeKeyranker & How does it work?

    Se Keyranker, developed by Curious Conceptions, is a new Wordpress plugin that automatically tracks your keywords rankings or positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask & Yebol all neatly displayed on your Wordpress dashboard.
    What the software does is every 24 hours it checks where you are ranking and displays this data directly on your dashboard. The neat thing about this is it shows all the rankings for the search engines at once, so you can easily get an overall performance view in one central place instead of spending countless hours searching the search engine results pages looking for your keywords day in and day out.
    We know how frustrating this can be, especially when your keyword is doing the well known “Google dance” and is bouncing around from page to page. SeKeyranker allows you to continue with productivity instead of wasting time with tracking your results.
    What the plugin also does is once you have used it for a day or 2 it begins to accumulate the data and what it does with this is it gives you an overall average of your search engine positions over the past week or so. So you can see a much better overall ranking view.
    There is no other plugin on the market that can compete with how Sekeyranker works. It is fast and very user -friendly. You will literally get your results within 4 steps after installing the plugin.
    Sekeyranker is available in a free version and the Pro version. The Ultimate version is still in development. The main difference between the free and pro version is the free can only check in Google results and you are limited to 3 keywords. In the Pro version you can check all the search engines and have no limit to keywords…
    Try it out today. You will not be disappointed!
    Get your free download here

    Visit Sekeyranker Official Site Here:
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