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    Default Native Deen - Laylatul Qadr (lyrics Video)

    Youtube Link:

    Lyrics :

    Ramadan is flying away,
    Fingers counting down the days
    But we feel that great things are coming...

    We know there is a special night,
    When angels come from up high
    There is peace on earth as in heaven

    One night light a thousand months,
    of blessings all at once
    I know that when it comes,
    I'll pray that I will be forgiven.

    Oooh Laylatul Qadr,
    Its a night of peace like no other
    Until the bright morning hour
    Lets worship on Laylatul Qadr
    For mercy on Laylatul Qadr
    Forgiveness on Laylatul Qadr

    This night our book was revealed
    Then over years unveiled,
    So we can all love the stories

    Best night to call my creator
    Forgive me for my misbehaviors
    My heart to witness his glory

    Which night? Allah only knows it
    Any of the nights could be chosen
    Catch it before it goes, and...
    The sun rises in the morning



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