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    Default Record The Time You Spend Online In Firefox


    The TimeTracker plugin for Firefox gives you the posibility to track the time you spend directly in front of your browser in a easy way. The timer only counts if you are browsing, pauses automatically when you stop browsing. If you want you can even exclude work-related sites from the counter.

    After you install the plugin a little timer will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your Firefox browser.

    If you right-click on the clock, you'll get a menu where you can Reset the timer or go to the Options page.

    In the Options page, you can choose since when you want to be tracked, idle timeout, exclude sites and when you want the counter to pause.

    You can disable the seconds counter because it can be very annoying for your eyes.

    Download TimeTracker plugin for Firefox

    3464cd6916995dce - Record The Time You Spend Online In Firefox


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