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    Default Pros and Cons of Keyboards Without Number Pad

    Debating between getting a keyboard with or without a number pad? Find out the pros and cons of each.


    • They are generally cheaper
    • Doesn’t take up much space
    • Often comes standard
    • Takes up little room on portable computers
    • Easier to reach all the keys

    avwphp?zoneid495&ampcba989ba24cbe5db036146ab018e4c5074&ampn97f7ab - Pros and Cons of Keyboards Without Number Pad

    • Typing numbers is harder without a number pad
    • Less shortcuts
    • Can be limiting
    • Less choices for each key
    • Bad for people who deal with numbers a lot
    • Doing mathematical calculations is a lot more tricky

    Times You May Need A Number Pad

    • If you’re a gamer
    • If your job deals with numbers
    • If you write code
    • If you type a lot

    You must choose between size, cost, weight, convenience, and uses of each type of keyboard. Some computers come standard with keyboards with number pads, in which case it may be worth it, as it comes at no extra cost. If you are in a job that requires entering lots of numbers, a keyboard with the number pad could be of great use. If you are a gamer that needs use of the number pad keys, then you should get a keyboard with a number pad. If you are after a smaller cheaper keyboard, then one without a number pad will probably be your best bet.
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