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    Default How to Secure Your Wireless Home Network

    Instead of subscribing to different internet service providers or different internet packages a lot of us make a wise choice of sharing a single connection via a home or wireless home network which means as many people can connect without having to pay an additional fee. We all know that the more popular someone or something is the more vulnerable it becomes and the more people use a network the less secure it becomes. This article will be giving you some tips to ensure your wireless home network is secure.

    Ensure Your Router Firewall is Active
    Since anybody trying to connect to your network will have to connect through your router the first and very important thing you should do is to make sure your router firewall is active. If your router doesn’t have a firewall installed you can install one on it.
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    The question now is how do you know if your router’s firewall is active? You can do this by visiting the default address that came with your router (this is in form of an IP address e.g which directs you to the router settings page, from here you can easily see if your router firewall is enabled or disabled.
    Use a Password

    The worst mistake you can make is making it easy for complete strangers to make use of your network; this might look great and even look like a sign of generosity, but believe me, it always result in disaster. Even if you have the best intention people can be very dangerous and there are some people who know nothing else than to take what isn’t theirs. Make sure your network is only accessible by members of your household or your guests and you will have overcome 99% of the security problems you would have faced.

    Disable Network Broadcast

    After installing your wireless network you should note the name of your wireless network and only give it to the members of your household or those you trust around you. It doesn’t matter how secure your wireless network is, as long as it is discoverable it can still be hacked so the best thing to do is prevent people from discovering it. You can do this by disabling the network broadcast (also known as SSID broadcast) from your router settings.
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