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    Default Secrets to a Good Password – be Secure in The Internet

    The Internet and your computer is not safe at all if you do not have a password to keep it safe. How safe you are depends upon just a word, and that is your PASSWORD. So learn how to have a good password for your computer and your user accounts in the internet, to be safe and to feel safe.

    Any level of encryption is useless unless secured by a strong key. The following guides may seem like common sense, but very few remember to adhere to the
    Firstly, don’t stick your password on your monitor and don’t give it out to anyone else, no matter how much you trust them. You then need a password that is difficult to guess or crack. The best passwords are a combination of eight or more upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t choose a common phrase and never use the same password as your login. Most fraud cases are inside jobs, so names and birth dates of loved ones are out as well.

    Apart from names, nicknames and dates, the most commonly used passwords are god, sex, password, angel,
    trustme, one’s address or hometown and complicated-looking, but easy-to-remember key combinations such as z1×2c3v4.

    The characters may be upper or lower case, but don’t use any of these for passwords. It is also important to vary your passwords. Having the same password for everything is dangerous—if one password is discovered, all your files and accounts are at risk. Also, change your passwords on a regular basis, but don’t use a standard policy to build your passwords—change the strategy too.

    Passwords are normally cracked in three ways. The most common is guessing. Names, or combinations of names and important dates have often given way past all security schemes. Second is a dictionary attack, where words and word combinations from a dictionary of commonly used names and words end up forming the right password. Thus, don’t use common words and phrases. Lastly, the brute force attack tries every possible combination of letters, numbers and symbols to find the right password. The more complicated the password,

    the longer it will take to crack. In fact, some good passwords have been estimated to take years to crack on very highend systems.

    A computer-generated random password is usually very good, but difficult to remember. There are several software available that can maintain password lists in an encrypted file, so you would need to remember just the password to access this list.

    Read more: Secrets to a Good Password – be Secure in The Internet | Computersight
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