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    Default 5 Way to Have Fun With Google Search

    Google search engine got lots of fun oriented search results andeaster eggs. Impress your friends with these fun search and have a nice time in using Google search engine.Lets now play with Google,

    1. Go to Google.com, type in “Lol limewire” and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”
    Just see whta happens.
    2. Type “world cup” in Google Search box and hit google search.
    On search result page you will see GOOOOOOOOOOAL instead of gooOOOgle at bottom of page!!
    3. Type “Who Is The Cutest” in Google Search and hit search.
    Biggest Lie Ever waiting in first result.
    4. Type in “Ewmew Fudd”. Click “I’m feeling lucky”
    5. Make Google Dance
    Type “google loco” and Click “I’m feeling lucky”
    The google loco starts dancing! Check out more Google fun by typing the follwing things and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”

    1. Google 133t
    2. Google gothic
    3. xx~klingon
    4. xx~piglatin
    5. Google easter egg
    6. Google Bearshare
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