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    chat Assalam-o-Alaikum! The trick I am going to share is for the people who work on the computer accordin

    Assalam-o-Alaikum! The trick I am going to share is for the people who work on the computer according to their schedule. They really don't like to waste some of their time by turning their computer on. This trick will set your computer in such a situation that your computer will turn on automatically at your specified time. Isn't it interesting?

    Follow the following steps but CAREFULLY:

    1. Short the wires of
    the power switch on the CPU casing. To do this, you'll need to remove the front panel of your computer and cut the wires leading to the power button. Then join them together by twisting them and wrapping them in electrical tape. This will bypass the power button, and as long as power is flowing through your machine, it will be on.

    2. Put a timer between the power cord and the computer. Timers are readily available at hardware stores. You will need to cut the power cord, and wire the timer in there.

    3. Set the timer. You will have to set it so that it turns on when you want it to, and turns off when you want it to stop. Your timer should come with set-up instructions.

    4. Keep the power switch on at the walls at all times. This will mean that nothing stops your computer from turning on by itself.


    FOR MACINTOSH SYSTEMS, you can bypass all the complicated rewiring and reprogram your computer. You just have to click system preferences icon on the dock. Click on the "Energy Saver". Click on the "Schedule" button and set the time you would like your computer to startup and/or shutdown everyday.


    --> Taking apart your computer will void the warranty, and you won't be entitled to any free service. Also, doing this wil immediately remove any sale value in the future (people normally want a normal computer, not one with a mind of its on).

    --> Make sure any cable is unplugged before you do this procedure. There is quite a lot of electricity going through a computer, even if the power of the computer is off.

    --> Make sure that the timer is set to a time when you would not be working, as otherwise you may lost work when the computer power fails.


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