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    Default How to recover a lost xp password

    How to recover a lost xp password

    These techniques to recover a lost xp password are among the more
    advanced Windows XP Tips and Tricks. In some cases, recovering from a
    lost password can be very easy though.
    For completeness' sake we start with the simplest tips that can
    help you regain access to a locked account. But even if you find
    yourself in a more complex situation, please read on. You'll find out
    what to do.
    Warning : Be extra careful if you are using
    Encrypting File System (EFS) in Windows XP Professional. If you don't
    know what EFS is, you probably shouldn't worry about it. It's a feature
    in Windows XP Professional that deals with file security on a local
    level. If you do use it, please always make sure to
    export your private and public keys before attempting to reset your
    If you can login with another user account

    If you share your computer with other users it's fairly simple to
    regain access to your account. You could ask one of the other users to
    log on to Windows with their password and perform the following steps :

    • Click the Start button
    • Click "Run"
    • In the "Open" field, type "control userpasswords2" (without
      the quotes)
    • Click ok

    Windows opens a user accounts dialog. Select the user with the
    lost password and click the "Reset Password" button. Enter a new
    password (and a second time in the confirmation box) and click ok. Click
    ok once again and you are ready.
    Now you can log on to your account using the new password.
    More advanced password recovery

    If there are no other users on your machine to unlock your
    account, you need to reset your password "offline". Offline means that
    you boot your pc from outside your usual Windows XP environment using a
    boot disk or a bootable cdrom.
    This offline technique to recover a lost xp password isn't for the
    faint of heart; the procedure isn't presented in a nice graphical
    interface and there even is a small risk involved ...
    Sometimes the password reset fails and as a consequence you cannot
    log on with the locked user account afterwards. This doesn't happen
    often though, and if you are reading this because you need to recover a
    lost xp password ...
    you weren't able to log on after all ...
    Of course you will need access to another pc to create a boot disk
    or bootable cd.
    Is your boot sequence right ?

    Your computer's boot sequence is set in the BIOS and determines if
    the pc can boot from a floppy or cdrom. To get into the BIOS, you
    typically need to press a certain key or key combination during startup.
    Depending on the brand of your computer this can be :

    • The F1 key
    • The F2 key
    • The F10 key
    • The del key
    • Ctrl+Alt+Enter
    • Ctrl+Alt+Esc
    • ...

    If you have made your way into the BIOS, now would the time to
    choose either your floppy drive or your cdrom as primary startup device.
    Below is a BIOS boot sequence screenshot where the floppy drive
    has top priority.
    lost xp password14 - How to recover a lost xp password
    Creating the boot disk

    You can download an offline password and registry editor to create
    the bootable disk at Offline NT Password & Registry Editor or if
    this url has become invalid over time, you can request your copy with
    the small form below. You will receive a mail with a valid download link
    shortly afterwards.
    Don't worry, we will use your email address only to send you the
    download link, not for anything else. We hate spammers as much as you

    Yes, please mail me a valid download link for a
    password reset boot disk

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk
    must be filled in.
    E-mail Address*
    E-mail Address*


    After you have downloaded the Offline Password and Registry editor
    you have a .zip file on your hard drive that could use some unzipping.
    Depending on the choice that you have made in your BIOS, you either need
    to carry out the steps to create a bootable floppy, or the steps to
    create a bootable cdrom.
    Instructions for the boot disk (floppy)
    Once unzipped, you'll have 3 files : rawrite2.exe, install.bat and a
    .bin file. Put a blank, formatted floppy in your floppy drive and launch
    install.bat. That will create a bootable floppy from which you need to
    boot your pc (the one with the lost xp password).
    The bootable cdrom
    The unzipped file delivers a .iso file that you need to burn to a cd
    with your cd burner software. That creates a bootable cd to boot your pc
    (again, the one with the lost xp password).
    Time to fix that lost xp password

    Shortly after you boot your computer from the floppy or cd you'll
    have an intimidating screen filled with text staring you in the face.
    Like this :
    lost xp password15 - How to recover a lost xp password
    There's no need to feel overwhelmed. In order to reset your lost xp
    password you need to go through some questions in a number of steps. In
    each step the program offers a default answer. Usually these defaults
    are ok and you just need to press ENTER.
    Step 1 : Select the disk where the Windows XP
    installation is.

    Step 2 : Select PATH and registry files. For most
    Windows installations you can safely accept the defaults.

    Step 3 : Password or registry edit. Select "Edit user
    data and passwords" - the default. After that you need to choose the
    user account. The program defaults to "Administrator", so you need to
    type the name of the user with the lost xp password if it's not the
    administrator account that you're trying to unlock. Once you've made
    clear which user account's lost xp password you want to reset, you need
    to supply the new password. To finish it off confirm the password change
    and type "!" to quit the user selection menu. Now type "q" (for quit)
    to continue with ...

    Step 4 : Writing back changes. This step requires one
    more confirmation and then wants to know if you want another run.
    Answer with the defaults, remove the bootable floppy or cdrom and reboot
    your pc.
    You should now be able to log on with your account and the new


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