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    Vbulletin secure tips

    Securing your forums from Hackers:
    1. Always Keep your vbulletin updated to the latest version taking special care of security fixes.

    2. Use the Rename admincp directory feature in config.php

    3. Keep your following directories .htaccess protected. Most users can do this via Password Protect Directories option in cPanel.


    Even vbulletin.com has protected the above directories.

    4. Edit your config.php to make yourself an undeletable user.

    5. Keep your vbulletin superadmin, FTP/SFTP and .htaccess username/password distinct and unique. You can use the Random Password Generation feature in cPanel or let sites like Password generator to generate good, secure, random and easy to remember passwords. generate them for you.

    6. Make sure you have your vbulletin PHP files chmod 0644 and NEVER 0777.

    7. Keep your forum as clean as you can. Stay away from mods that you think won't benefit your community much. The lesser the mods, the more secure you are.

    8. After uninstalling mods/hacks, do not forget to Remove the files that you uploaded with the hack.

    9.Never allow HTML in posts, PM's and sigs.

    10. You should NEVER upload the contents of do_not_upload folder like tools.php from the downloaded vb zip on your server. If ever you need to upload them, delete them immediately after use.

    11. Never save a backup of your database under public_html as that would make your database downloadable to the world.

    12. Keep your PC periodically tested against viruses, malwares and trojans.

    Its xitclub tips
    its first in Xitclub

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