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    new_new Facebook Privacy & Security Tips for Girls

    Facebook Privacy & Security Tips for Girls

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    Privacy protection is a must do thing on facebook especially for girls. Learn how to protect your content and profile from un-authorized persons on facebook.

    There are several of things that girls should not display publically as facebook data also index able in google and most important of them is your profile picture.

    I personally recommend girls to not to upload their personal pictures as profile picture, but if they really wanted to use their own pic as profile picture than follow this tutorials so their profile picture get more secured and don’t get copied easily.

    1: Turn Off Search Engine Indexing

    As you may know or don’t know your profile data is by default set to indexable by all search engines. And search engine bot fet your profile data such as Name, Status, Info & ost important Profile Picture. Girls should disable this option
    To Disalble search Engine indexing in facebook

    • Goto “Privacy Settings”

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    • Look for “Who can look me up?” and see the second option saying “Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?” and unchecked the box

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    2: Make Your Stuff Visible to Friends Only

    Goto “Privacy Settings” Look for “Who can see my stuff?” Edit This Setting and Chose “Friends”

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    3: Who can See your Timeline Stuff

    Goto “Privacy Settings”

    Navigate to “Timeline and Tagging” From Left Options bar. Look for “Who can see things on my timeline?” Edit this settings & set it to “Friends or Friends of Friends”

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    4: Make Your Profile Picture Protected

    Now you need to make your profile picture did not viewable in full screen or full size. To make this happen

    1. Goto Your Photo Albums & Open “Profile Picture” Album

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    1. Now open your any photo you want to protect by clicking on it, a popup window should open

    1. Click on edit

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    1. Change “Public To Friends “

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    Securing Your Facebook Profile from Hacking

    1: Goto “Account Settings”

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    Navigate to “Security Tab”

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    1. Make Sure “Secure Browsing is Enabled”

    1. Make Sure “Login Notifications” is Enabled via “Text Message/Push Notification”

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    1. Enable Login Approvals as “Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers”

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    Some Other Tips For Security

    1. Use Your Facebook Username for login instead of Email
    2. Never Accept Friend Requests from Unknown persons
    3. Never click on any link in message from any unknown person also take care with messages from friends
    4. Never enter your facebook password outside the facebook website. Facebook logins to other websites just done via single click there is no need to enter your facebbok password on other website asking for login

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    Default Re: Facebook Privacy & Security Tips for Girls

    Very Nice and Usefull Trick i Have Tried It and Take Alot Of Advantage Of This Trick

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    Good tip for girls and boys

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    Default Re: Facebook Privacy & Security Tips for Girls

    hmmmmmm nice one. this matter needs to be look after


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