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    Default Changing Icons In 6670/7610/6630 etc.

    Yes you read it correctly, 6670/7610/6630 etc. can change icons just like 6600. Although it's abit complicated, its possible.

    Heres how:
    Step 1:
    Go to themes and choose the theme of which the icons you want to use, press options > edit and change one of the setttings, for example, the colour palette.

    Step 2
    Using a program like fexplorer, go to c:\system\skins\theme_used_in_step1 and take the ini file

    Step 3
    Put it into c:\system\skins\the_theme_which_you_wana_use.

    Step 4
    If there is any ini file inside, delete it, then rename the ini file to the name of the folder

    Step 5
    You are done, exit the fexplorer and apply your theme

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