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    Paths - Where should I upload Flash Themes/Drivers/etc.

    Custom Files: tpa\preset\custom

    Camdriver: ifs\settings\camera
    Acoustic drivers: ifs\settings\acoustic
    Display driver: ifs\settings\display

    Flashmenues: tpa\preset\system\desktop\flash
    Themes: tpa\user\theme
    Layout: tpa\system\layout
    Menue.ml tpa\preset\system\menu

    Walkman 2.0 Skins: tpa\system\multimedia\mp
    Walkman 2.0 Visualisations:
    tpa\preset\system\multimedia\av <-- for .avx files
    tpa\preset\system\multimedia\av_data <-- for .png files

    Lighteffects (DB2020 only): tpa\prest\system\lighteffect\systemeffects

    Language Files: tpa\preset\system\language

    Fonts (DB2020 only): tpa\preset\system\fonts

    Start-/Shutdown animation&Splash screen: tpa\preset\system\settings

    Music_Gui_NowPlaying.xml(A2 only): tpa/system/layout

    Orignally Posted On : http://modmy-forum.com/index.php?topic=1232.0


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