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    How To APPLY PATCHES for DB2020 (k800,k810,v630,w660,w880, and more... )

    1st Download The Main Generic Flash File of Your Mobile
    Example:- K800_R1KG001_MAIN_GENERIC_WI_RED52.rar
    Extract The File
    Now Download SeTools2 Lite 1.11
    In SeTools Folder There was a folder named "qmaker" open that folder and drag the .mbn file on to maker.exe (.mbn file is that file that you downloaded in K800_R1KG001_MAIN_GENERIC_WI_RED52.rar folder)
    the qmaker will create an Quick acces patch of your software version
    Now Run SeTools
    In SeTools Select Phone Type K800
    Then Check The "By pass DB2020 Security" box
    Then Click on "Add " Button and select the .mbn file that you downloaded
    Now Look Down SeTools There was an Bar Named "MIsc File" Pres the button and select the "Quick Acces patch.vkp" that you craeted in qmaker folder
    Now Click on Flash Button
    After Cilck the Flash Button The Program ask you to Hold and press and connect the phone
    Turn Off Your Phone Press and Hold 'C' Key and Plung The USB into your Phone

    After Some Time the Program ask You To UnPlung The Phone, Remove The Battery and Put it Back Do as it is Doing This After Some Time a pop up box appered Select "NO" when the program shows the massege Elapsed____sec unplung the phone

    2: Writing Patches

    • Run SeTools
    • Select Phone Type k800 or any do u want
    • Check The "use quick access patch" box
    • at Misc File Select The Patch That u want to apply
    • Press "Write Script" Button
    • Turn of your phone Press and Hold "C" Button and Connect The Data Cable to Your Phone
    • After some Time A POP up Box Appear Select "NO"

    when it shows Elapsed__sec
    Un Plung The Phone
    Thats Alll You Have Done
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