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    IMPORTANT!!! ( Flashing Tutorial & Important info)

    Before modifying or flashing your phone make sure you BACKUP!!! your phone using FB3 & have your Battery Fully charged.
    This is How You FLASH Your Phone:
    1. Install the P2k Drivers
    2. Install the latest version of RSD Lite ( or FB3, but i recommend RSD)
    3. Download the MP
    4. Open RSD and connect the phone to your PC
    5. Select the MP and press the start Button
    After the flashing process is complete your phone will boot up normally

    1. Remove the battery wile flashing the phone, you might damage it.
    2. Do not Flash any firmware until your are certain that it's the right one for your phone ( if your not sure just post a question).
    3. Do not flash your Phone if your battery isn't at least 60% charged , so in case if anything happens you can still use the battery to revive your phone.
    4. The phone doesn't recharge the battery wile in bootloader mode, so if you fail the flashing process you won't be able to charge your battery.


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