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    Unbranding The Z9

    Heres this quick little guide by Clarkey for the Z9 unbranding, all credit goes to Clarkey of M3:

    I have finally found a way to unbrand your Z9. This is quite glitchy but it works alright. You need to do this

    Download mma_ucp using p2ktools3
    Open mma_ucp in xvi32
    Offset 7D Change to 00
    Offset 57 Change to 00

    Delete old mma ucp and re-upload new one... restart phone.

    You will now notice that the main menu option on the softkey has gone and the options button doesnt work.... simply switch off your phone and switch it back on you will have an unbranded Menu

    Here are some screenies

    scr020 - Unbranding The Z9scr021 - Unbranding The Z9

    In the settings menu you will find an extra icon called incoming call which does nothing.
    There is no mediafinder icon instead you'll find icons saying images,videos,music which will lead to the mediafinder

    Original Post by abhijith.srivatsav at MMUK


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