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    How to install games / Java applications

    The program that can install these applications and is called Moto Midlet Manager, is known as the Motomidman (only necessary to mention that he works only on Motorola phones).

    DOWNLOAD Motomidman

    1. OPEN "Motomidman" -> "Trans-Flash"

    Selecting "Trans-Flash" to install games on the memory card leaving the phone memory as possible free for other more useful things (such as certain applications, which necessarily must be installed in phone memory ).

    2. Click on "Install" -> "Jar file…"

    3. Now select the file in format .jar

    4. Wait till Motomidman has finished, some text under "Access" will appear "ready"

    You can monitor free space looking over your button "Restart"

    5. Click "Restart" wait a few seconds (until eventually will reload the list of games already installed) & done

    some applications mention that must be installed on the phone memory ( "Phone memory") (double click on the application) such as FlipIntensiv, CORElet …


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