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Thread: Unlock V3 Free

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    Unlock V3 Free

    This tutorial is for unlocking your V3 via downgrade. So here we go:
    1) Start in bootloader mode (hold # and * while powering on)
    2) Identify your current bootloader (e.g. 8.26 or 7.E0)
    3) If you already have bootloader 7.D0 skip to step 6
    4) Download bl_826-828_to_07d0_for_V3_by_Archy.V2
    5) Flash with this file using RSD Lite
    6) Download and extract the MOTO UNLOCKER SOFTWARE
    7) Start in bootloader mode (hold # and * while powering on). In bootloader mode after the downgrade it is not unusual for the phone to show a blank black screen with no info, don't worry, though, it is still in bootloader mode!
    Open up Moto Unlocker and connect you phone
    9) Run Moto Unlocker click connect and yes!
    Congratulations, your Motorola Razr V3 is now unlocked!
    Credits to Scotty2, Archy and Quackers for the bootloader downgrade.

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    Good share. But from my personal point of view i feel unlocking a mobile using unlock code is the safest method to unlock. I unlocked my Motorola V3 using unlock code. I got the unlock code from www.mobile-unlocker.com at affordable cost.


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