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    Default Unlock V360 ( 0902 with downgrade)

    This is a Tutorial for the 0902 bootloader and it is used as a downgrade tool but it all sow UNLOCKS your phone
    1) Flash with the L7e font with FB3 and wait the "close" inscription.
    2) Remove cable and batt.
    3) Open P2K_Easy_Tool_v39, select model phone and go to "Repair"> "Full repair PDS zone".
    4) Connect the cable without battery and press "Do selected job" then "OK".
    5) After the process is finish remove the cable
    6) Press * + # and introduce the batt then you can flash your phone with whatever flash file you want and your phone is all sow UNLOCKED

    Credits to the original makers of this tutorial
    Mr_Mutabor, Flex4, dvsdigiman, Bullfrog
    WARNING DO NOT USE THIS ON WINDOWS VISTA!!! P2k Easy tools doesn't work on Vista


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