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Qasam Lay Lo..
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Thread: Qasam Lay Lo..

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    new_new Qasam Lay Lo..

    Qasam Lay Lo..-398732_163827293717973_100002721113190_185408_1378330955_n.jpg

    Qasam Lay Lo..
    Tumharay Baad..
    Kisi Ka Khawab Dekha Ho..
    Kisi Ko Hum Nay Chaaha Ho..
    Kisi Ko Hum Nay Socha Ho..
    ...Kisi Ki Aarzu Ki Ho..
    Kisi Ki Justaju Ki Ho..
    Kisi Ki Raah Dekhi Ho..
    Kisi Ka Qurb Maanga Ho..
    Kisi Ko Sath Rakha Ho..
    Kisi Say Aas Rakhi Ho..
    Koi Umeed Bandhi Ho..
    Koi Dil Mein Utara Ho..
    Koi Tum Say Pyara Ho..
    Koi Dil Me...
    in Basaya Ho..
    Koi Apna Banaya Ho..
    Koi Rotha Ho To Hum Nay..
    Ussay Ro Ro K
    Manaya Ho....
    December Ki Haseen Rutt Mein..
    Kisi Ka Hijar Jheela Ho..
    Qasam Lay Lo!


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